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We don’t take credit for any of the photos displayed on this page, we only feature these photos for everyone who love Chihuahuas like us.

If you see a photo that is yours and you want it to be removed, please let us know and we will action it.

This is a family site! All obscene photos or remarks will be deleted.

By uploading photos to this website you provide Chihuahua.co.za the right to share your photo’s on our chihuahua.co.za Facebook page.

Please Note:

This is a page for “BRAG” photos of your gorgeous Chihuahuas we would appreciate if you would only send high quality pictures so that we can maintain a high standard of our home page.

Only the best images will be displayed. The administrators will in their discretion also make minor alterations to improve image quality when needed.

Images may take up to 12 hours before displaying on the home page.

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