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Breeder : Chizel Chihuahuas(Chilanzei)

Chizel Chihuahuas(Chilanzei)

I am a small KUSA and Canine registered Smooth Coat Chihuahua breeder. I am located in Ermelo, in Mpumalanga. I breed my chihuahuas with lots of love! Each of my chihuahuas has their own unique personality.

Delivery can be arranged! I will deliver my puppies personally.
Flying can be arranged.

Full Name : Zelna Botha
Registry Body : KUSA
Member Number : 188110
Province : Mpumalanga
City : Ermelo
Cell : 083 529 9316
Tel : 0823032160
Email : zelnabotha1981@gmail.com
Website : www.chihuahuaschizel.co.za
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