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About Us


Hi, My name is Lucelle Britz, from Jandrie Chihuahuas.

It all started when I’ve received my first Chihuahua on my 3rd Birthday. All grown-up, I still love and adore my Chihuahuas!

I’m living my life-long dream, I finally started breeding with Chihuahuas. I’m a small smooth and long coat Chihuahua breeder, situated in Bronkhorstspruit, Gauteng

I also participate in Dog showing (whenever I have the time) and I’m also a member of the Chihuahua club.

I only breed a limited amount of Quality puppies. All my Chihuahuas are raised and cared for inside my home and they only receive the best care and LOADS of Love.

The rest of the Jandrie Chihuahua Family is my Husband, Christiaan (who needs to share the bed with me and the Chihuahuas), and then my 3 kids; Janika, Liandri and Edrich (Their beds are also FULL of chihuahuas).

Liandri also helps me with handling the Chihuahuas at the Dog Shows; she is handling them perfectly! She already made her own Chihuahua, Spottie, into a CHAMP!

My Motto: Once a Chihuahua Lover, Always a Chihuahua Lover

About Chihuahua.co.za

At Chihuahua.co.za we're passionate about Chihuahuas, and we promote unconditional love for this breed.

The sole existence of Chihuahua.co.za is to ensure the happiness of these little bundles of love. Chihuahua.co.za promotes Responsible breeders who are trying to improve the breed, and find future owners who are as passionate about the breed.


We list only confirmed registered Chihuahua breeders that want to improve the breed.

We condemn puppy mills. Puppy Mills are facilities where dogs are bred and housed in unhealthy and inhumane conditions before they are sold, often online or at pet shops or via agents.

Special thanks to ALL the breeders listed on this website! Without your support this website would not have been a success! You are the gem in this service, and we wish you all the best into future, may you have lots of healthy puppies and find great loving forever homes for them.

Breeding Chihuahuas is very difficult, and we must all appreciate our dedicated breeders. In my short breeding experience I had 10 caesareans, many still born puppies and countless puppies that I had to tube feed.

So hats off to our Chihuahua Breeders, without their dedication, there will be NO Chihuahua puppies.


We would like to thank our suppliers who have generously sponsored prizes for the competitions we have run.

We trust that our new self-service website, with all of its new and improved functionality will satisfy all your advertising requirements.


Owners and future owners can browse available puppies from responsible breeders at their leisure and with peace of mind. Also thanks to ALL the public that enjoy visiting our website. Please remember to “Like” our Facebook page.

Web Master

A Special thanks to Wynand Cronje, who has built and revised this website over and over again, to produce the current stunning, self-help, website with loads of cool functionality. Without Wynand and all his hard work, none of this would have been possible!

I’m currently “Renting” his code on a monthly Basis.

Thanks for browsing, we trust that you enjoy this website!

Lucelle Britz
Administrator of Chihuahua.co.za